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I’ve been selling on Amazon Marketplace since 2014. I pass on my experience to companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world. I guide them through the process of joining Amazon, selecting products, markets and managing Amazon Ads. I help you deal with blocked accounts, Problems with inactive products, BuyBox, Stores, A+Content, Product videos…

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I’ve been selling on Amazon Marketplace since 2014. I also help entrepreneurs from all over the world to set up and manage their Amazon selling accounts in Europe.

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Just to give you an idea, Amazon has more than 300 million customers worldwide
Amazon has a 50% share of the US eCommerce market.
Globally, it is second only to Alibaba.
In Europe, there are currently  9 active markets. Amazon operated 76 distribution centers on the continent, the majority of which were located in Germany and the United Kingdom.Amazon is a suitable online marketplace for large companies as well as for small sellers.
Handmade products can also be sold on Amazon.
You have the option of selling from Amazon warehouses, but also by shipping the goods directly to the customer.

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