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3 mistakes you should never make on Amazon

When I started selling on Amazon in 2014, I probably made all the mistakes I know. Well… not all of them. I managed to open a sales account on Amazon without blocking it. But otherwise, I could write a book: 

 „TOP 100 Mistakes Not to Make on Amazon.“

I have at least three for you today. Major mistakes made by inattentive beginners who pay a high price for the next x months. 


I often hear from clients: “We used to have an account, but we want a new one.” At this point, all the lights in my head start to flash.

According to Amazon’s rules, you can only have one sales account on Amazon for one CRN. Do you have an old sales account on Amazon? Find out the email on which it was open, and then find out its status. It is possible to revive even older sales accounts.

The most common mistake made by a new seller on Amazon is really about reading. Specifically, about reading the instructions for registering to Seller Central on Amazon.

Each request and document have precise specifications. An incorrect document repeatedly uploaded to the administration may cause the blocking of the account. You can find specific examples of document entry errors in my eBook.


Are you starting on Amazon? Are you learning? Don’t make the same mistake as I did. I started on Amazon with about 600 products. Of course, they contained a lot of mistakes, and I didn’t do anything but fix them for a few months. 

If you want to have fun, read my eBook

And if you want to be easy about starting on Amazon, choose your TOP products. Learn with Amazon and then expand your portfolio. You can find a way how to choose TOP products in my eBook.