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Amazon ERROR Code 4000

What is Amazon 4000 Error Code?

  1. Error code that appears when trying to list a product on Amazon Seller Central.
  2. This error typically occurs when the product information provided by the seller does not match the product information in Amazon’s catalog.
  3. It can also be a problem when the product is not eligible for sale on Amazon by FBM. The product can be ellible for sale using FBA (AFN).

How to avoid error code 4000?

  • Find out the exact requirements for selling in the corresponding category.
  • Make sure that the data you enter on Amazon is correct and meets Amazon’s requirements for the corresponding market.

How to fix error 4000?

To resolve this error, check the error description.
  • If the error is caused by not allowing sales in the category in the FBM way, you will have to send the goods to Amazon warehouses.
  • Shipping to Amazon warehouses is subject to tax conditions within the European Union.
  • Therefore, do not send the goods to the warehouse when you do not have a tax payment certificate in the corresponding country.