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Amazon Error Code 8572

What is Amazon Error Code 8572?

It typically occurs when a seller attempts to list an item that is already listed by another seller. This error occurs when there is a problem with product brands and EANs when registering new products on Amazon Marketplace. Unfortunately, this error is often misreported by Amazon. With this error, Amazon tells us that it does not believe that the EAN we entered belongs to the product we are trying to upload to Amazon. This error code is usually accompanied by a message that states „This item is already listed by another Amazon seller.

How to avoid error code 8572?

You can mostly avoid error 8572 by:
  1. You use official GS1 codes.
  2. If you browse the products of a certain brand, you use its official EAN codes.
  3. The brand you are browsing is an officially registered trademark.

How to fix error 8572?

The following procedure is suggested for this problem:
  1. Find out if you are using the correct EAN or UPC codes for the listed goods.
  2. If you are listing your brand, get a certificate from GS1.
  3. You assure Amazon that the codes belong to you.
  4. Don’t be surprised if Amazon requires photos of your products with the EAN code. Take a picture of the products and send them in the desired way.