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How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Amazon?

The cost of selling on Amazon Marketplace varies depending on your account type. It also depends on the method of sale (FBM, FBA).

In general, selling on Amazon Marketplace requires a monthly subscription of €39 plus additional selling fees. These sales fees vary by product category but can range from 6-45%. In addition to these fees, you may also be required to pay referral fees and other fees related to shipping, returns, and other services.

For FBM Sales (from own warehouses) the calculation is more superficial.

FBM FEES: Monthly Account Management + Amazon Commission + Shipping. It would help if you also thought about return warehouse solutions.

FBA FEES: Monthly Account Management + Amazon Commission + Stocking One Time Fee + Monthly Stocking Fee + Possible Other Amazon Costs.

Fees calculation for a product that is not listed on Amazon

Product not listed on Amazon

The link to this price calculator can be found HERE. If the link doesn’t work, type in Google: Amazon Revenue Calculator.

In this case, it is necessary to choose the Amazon Market and enter the exact data on the dimensions and weight of the product.

Find Existing Products Fees

  1. Choose Amazon Store Variation.
  2. Search for Products on Amazon using SKU (Amazon code), EAN or ASIN (also Amazon code).