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Figure out what to sell on Amazon

I am not exaggerating when I write that you can sell almost anything on Amazon in two ways.

I analyze them more in my free eBook. It is a way of FBM and FBA selling.

FBM is a way of selling where you just place the goods on the Amazon website but send them to customers from your warehouse.

FBA is selling through Amazon warehouses. At FBA, you pay fees to Amazon for stocking and storing goods.

In my experience, it really doesn’t matter if you are a large manufacturer, trader, or handmade maker. If there is a demand for goods on Amazon, you will sell them there. My free eBook, where I wrote some advice up, can help you with that.

Originally, Amazon started as a bookseller. Today, it offers goods of all kinds. You can also sell used goods or handmade products in some categories on Amazon. Amazon classifies goods into many categories. You need to know these categories at the beginning. Many conditions can be associated with them. Some categories and products are restricted or banned from Amazon.

Forbidden goods include, for example, animal fur, animal feed that is not registered, and many other goods you would not even think of selling online (weapons, drugs, and similar types of goods).

It may happen sometimes, that Amazon closes a category to new sellers. This is due to its maximum workload. Amazon will open it again after some time, but possibly under stricter conditions.

Some categories tend to be closed to FMB sellers (you deliver the goods) during the busiest part of the year – Christmas. Amazon only wants to ensure the delivery of goods to customers. In all cases, you must observe both Amazon’s policy for a particular category and the laws of the country where you sell goods.