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Account suspended | Deactivated Amazon Account | Amazon account locked suspicious activity


There are several reasons why Amazon may temporarily or permanently lock your account.

  • Suspicious Activity
  • Violation of Amazon policies
  • Failure to follow instructions provided by Amazon
  • Poor Performance
  • Missing Documents

If your account has been suspended, you will need to contact Amazon directly to get more information about why your account was suspended and how to regain access.

It is most often blocked due to uploading invalid documents when creating a sales account, missing VAT number data in individual European countries, and prolonged inactivity and failure to respond to Amazon’s requests.

How To Unlock / Unblock Your Amazon Account

On the home page of Amazon Seller Central, Amazon tells you that your account has been blocked.
Click through to this section to find out why.
Don’t say whether they are justified or not. You have to prove to Amazon that they made a mistake or, in the case of your mistake, that you corrected it.
Amazon will always guide you step by step on which documents it needs to receive from you.

Mostly it’s about a POA (Plan of Action). In the POA, you describe the reason for the block and what steps you have taken to prevent this error from happening again. Take enough print screens.

In case Amazon requires documents to unblock your account, always read the instructions for these documents properly. Never upload another document. Remember that these documents must be in a language that Amazon knows. That is, in the language in which Amazon has language mutations. The easiest for him is English on the American Amazon. For the European Amazon, English, German, French or Spanish are suitable.