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How did my story begin?

The beginning of my journey on Amazon was not rosy at all. I was looking for training, articles and information about selling on Amazon from the Czech Republic.

These days I had no idea what product was suitable for Amazon. And also I didn’t know how to calculate the fees and costs of selling on Amazon. I didn’t know all the rules of selling through Amazon Marketplace. How to set up Amazon ads, taxes, and outputs for my accountant? I spent long days and evenings on translations. My journey on Amazon was long and full of mistakes. It cost me not only time, but also money.

Who am I?

I’ve been selling on Amazon Marketplace for over nine years. Simply from the Czech Republic to the whole world. I also help companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world to set up and manage their Amazon selling accounts.


I didn’t give up


How's my story going?

Today, all of Amazon’s demands are understandable to me. I know how to set up an Amazon account without unpleasant surprises. I know which products are suitable for Amazon and how to set the right pricing. Amazon ads are an important part of a sales strategy. I regularly attend training and use paid tools to work on products or Amazon ads reporting.

I have set up over 200 sales accounts and tens of thousands of products. Thanks to the power of Amazon, not only my products, but my clients’ products have the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the world. 

And this is where our journey together can begin...

After years of working on Amazon Marketplace, I decided to pass on my knowledge in eBooks. To help you on your way to the Amazon Marketplace. To save you time and money by sharing my experience. 
In this ebook, you will find a simple guide on how to start sell on Amazon Marketplace. Choose the right marketplace, products, price, and selling method. Let me be your guide for Amazon Marketplace in Europe.

Very willing dealings, helpfulness and work commitment even in the early hours of the morning. I am completely satisfied and can recommend Ms. Gabriela 100%. You can see that she is a professional and understands her job.
Jiri Sejna
Amazon Seller Extreme EDC
Great cooperation. After a month of struggling with DIY style, the account was opened in 18 hours 32 minutes, and 24 seconds. Thanks!
Michal Frosch
Co-owner of SAVA BIKE