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What is Amazon Marketplace?

I remember my beginnings in the field of online marketplaces. I didn’t know how the whole system works, what kind of goods I can sell on Amazon specifically and how.

This article is for everyone attracted to this online world but needs to orient themselves first. Those who have at least basic awareness of Amazon can skip to reading my eBook, which is free to download HERE.

Let’s clarify the terminology. The online marketplace is a general term used for all online marketplaces or internet marketplaces. More sellers offer their goods in these markets. Therefore, the customer can compare the price, read more information, and review the goods or the seller.

Imagine a marketplace full of merchants, goods, and, last but not least, customers. In this case, we can name this marketplace Amazon. 

On Amazon, merchants offer goods they made or conveniently bought from someone. On the other hand, customers search for specific goods or inspiration for a gift, e. g. Every retailer offers a certain assortment of goods. Some offer the same goods, too. The quality, price, or just the approach to the customer may differ. 

Who will you buy a red mug with white polka dots at the classic market from? From a non-communicative merchant looking at a cell phone? Or from a nice lady who communicates with you, and maybe you will learn from her that you can wash the mug in the dishwasher or put it in the microwave?

I think the decision is clear. 🙂


From this point of view, Amazon is the same as a standard marketplace. The difference is that you shop online on Amazon, so communication and goods delivery will be essential for positive reviews and satisfied customers.

Communication on Amazon happens in the form of texts and images. Direct communication with the customer is minimal. Most processes can be automated on Amazon, you do not have to worry about a language barrier. You can read more information about how to sell on Amazon in my free eBook.

The delivery takes place in two ways. You can deliver goods to the customer directly, or you can store your goods on Amazon for a fee. In this case, Amazon handles delivery and refunds for you.

In my free eBook, I deal with the topic of delivery in more detail. Anyone can sell on Amazon. It is not just for big brands. On the contrary, it allows smaller companies, merchants, and handmade makers to sell goods.